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Everyday Sublime

      poems and prose

Daniel H.R. Fishman

EverydaySublime cover

  • This collection of 130 pieces — most poems, a few prose — explores the beauty, drama, humor and surprise inside each of us, set within varied landscapes, some that take our breath away, some that keep us breathing.

Praise for Everyday Sublime

   Danny Fishman’s Everday Sublime is woven with nature, love, sorrow, mythology and super heroes. His lovers guide you to platforms of ecstasy and longing; while his imagery and nature haiku’s implore you to read outdoors. His love for family and the journeys he takes are as varied as his New York, Santa Monica, Rainbow, San Francisco, heritage.
   His Buddhist philosophy permeates his garden imagery. His love for his sister and care for her is almost parental. His couplet, “underground, unseen, their roots remain entwined, sharing soil,” written about younger brother Jonathan allows the reader to visualize this great bond between brothers.
   From start to the last line the lessons he shares through loving, through healing, through suffering, are all woven with incredible insights from nature. 
                     — Lisa A. Ratnavira, M.A., author of Grief’s Labyrinth and other poems

   DHR Fishman’s first collection of poetry Everyday Sublime is a tender, funny and poignant ode to life. Fascinated by nature and the human culture he finds himself in Fishman pays close attention to Batman’s butler, the pop song, Love Potion #9, dragonflies, Milton’s daughters, Keats, middle-school students’ farts, and Lois Lane. Fishman also writes about the roots he shares with his brother and the anguish the poet felt when his sister asked him to assist in her suicide. A master of the music of poetry and of a variety of poetic forms, Fishman’s poems will make you laugh and cry. Idiosyncratic and generous Everyday Sublime is a book that will give readers a new appreciation of their experiences in their everyday lives.                                                                                                                   —  Penny Perry,  7-time Pushcart Prize nominee

Three Women and the River

               or The Englishman Who Forgot His Own Name

William Harry Harding

             Selected for the archives of the Rudyard Kipling estate, Bateman’s, Burwash, Sussex, U.K.

An “epic work of historical fiction” — Kirkus Reviews

   “A novel as exciting and well written as it is impeccably researched.  It’s as outstanding in its depiction of trench warfare as it is dealing with the loves and losses of its protagonist, Reg.
From a farm run by a crotchety father in a small village in England, through war, imprisonment and the threat of execution, he finds his real life in rural Italy with the woman he loves on the river that almost drowned him.”    — Marge Piercy

Cover Three Women FRONT

“Fascinating, gripping, beautifully written and heart wrenching. I just love this book.

                          —  Maria Mazziotti Gillan (American Book Award Winner)

   Surviving the fiercest combat in Flanders, a head wound in the final and least-publicized great battle front of World War I (along Italy’s Piave River), and threatened with execution by firing squad for desertion, a teenager from West Kent forges a new family and future, only to find he must once again face a life-and-death moment and risk everything — this time for love.

 “A powerful and sweeping saga that captures the world’s long journey towards peace and acceptance.”

                                                      — D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer,  Midwest Book Review

   “Incredibly detailed. . .Harding brings the Italian characters to life with vivid descriptions, flowing prose, and witty dialogue. . .A well-researched novel of one man’s war and redemption.”                         — Kirkus Reviews

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