Books 2014

Opiate, by Kristen D. Scott

Opiate cover 2

$12.50         softcover (6×9)        May, 2014            available at

Linking myth and fairytale to a lush natural landscape, Opiate reveals an intensely personal ardor for love and life.

Praise for Opiate:

Darkness smashes dawn into smithereens” is just one example of the simple powerful imagery in this eclectic anthology of blank verse. After reading this, you’ll write wom(b)an, as opposed to woman, and never think of Prince Charming in the same way EVER again!!

Michelle Cohen Corasanti  — Best-selling author of The Almond Tree 

In this poetic treasure, Opiate, Kristen Scott’s wonderful words are a magnificent emotional treat for one’s mind and heart. Her poems move seamlessly from magical fantasy to the stark realities of our lives . . . from dreams, to loss, to longing, to love. How beautiful to read such musings that touch one’s soul, as Opiate certainly touched mine.”

Lindy Michaels – Author of Crones Among Us and The Ghosts of Winthrop Manor

Sinatra, The Jeeperettes & me, by Susan Lembo Balik

SinatraJeeperettesMe cover 3

A journey through time and family, Sinatra, The Jeeperettes & me paints the personal portraits memories — and hopes — are made of.

$12.49         softcover (6×9)        July, 2014            available at

Praise for Sinatra, The Jeeperettes & me:

In her first collection of poems, Sinatra, the Jeeperettes & me, Susan Lembo Balik writes with a specificity and immediacy on  a wide range of subjects that are rooted in family, but include animal activism and even wildly throwinga flaming baton in the air as a high school majorette.  This is that rare voice filled with grace and compassion and a lack of cynicism that makes the reader want to return to these poems again and again.  The haunting poems dealing with pets are among the most moving animal poems I have ever read.

— Laura Boss

award-winning poet, founder and editor, LIPS Magazine

Susan Lembo Balik’s Sinatra, the Jeeperettes & me is the kind of book you want to read from start to finish in one sitting, because the poems are powerful and moving, because she makes the people and places and concerns she writes about come alive for us.  An amazing kaleidoscope of images — she takes us with her on an evocative journey into the past of Depression-era Paterson, New Jersey, that city so connected with poetry in literary history, and her life in Hawthorne, that Paterson suburb of her own growing up, her baton twirling —  all are part of this story and it is one that opens a door into the past and memory we are drawn to enter and celebrate.

— Maria Mazziotti Gillan

American Book Award winner, Founder and Editor, The Paterson Literary Review

Just Enough Clothes, by Harry Griswold

Just Enough Clothes cover

An eclectic grouping of 67 poems, accompanied by 14 black-and-white photos, that novelist Duff Brenna (Too Cool & Minnesota Memoirs) calls a “heart-winning collection.”  

$15.00         softcover (6×9)        October, 2014          available at

Praise for Just Enough Clothes:

“If poetry collections can be ‘page-turners,’ that’s what this one is.   Griswold’s causally brilliant verse is for anyone who savors good storytelling, ironical bites of humor, intellectual explorations, clear-eyed takes on history, gigantic bursts of humane love. . .Just Enough Clothes is more than a triumph. These poems are for all seasons.”

̶ Duff Brenna

author of Too Cool and Minnesota Memoirs

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