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Grief’s Labyrinth and other poems, by Lisa Albright Ratnavira

Grief's Labyrinth COVER 5

  • $18 (softcover, 6×9)   Summer, 2017 
  • Available through bookstores,,,
  • illustrated by Gamini Ratnavira
  • afterword by Robert Louis Chianese

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Reacting to the sudden death of her daughter, poet Lisa Albright Ratnivara journeys through a maze of melancholy in Grief’s Labyrinth and other poems, finding hope on a path enlightened by the beauty of nature.

Praise for Grief’s Labyrinth and other poems:

“This remarkable collection of poems shares the structure, themes and symbols of a traditional elegy, ennobles the form and establishes for Grief’s Labyrinth a place in a revered tradition.”  —  Robert Louis Chianese, PhD, Emeritus Prof. English, CSU Northridge

“Each person—each writer — knows a unique grief, meanders around it, finds distraction from it, revisits it, and is reminded again that it remains near, forever. In Grief’s Labyrinth and other poems, Lisa Albright Ratnavira offers her poetic journey, from the lamentations of loss to learning to live wholly again to accepting that sorrow is always in reach. In this volume, readers will find common way points, well worth visiting.”    —Kit-Bacon Gressitt

“We will all experience grief at some point in our lives. In these poems Lisa Ratnivera shares so openly and so eloquently what grief felt like to her. But she also shares the hope that walks hand in hand with that grief.”      — Joan Maloof, author of Teaching the Trees: Lessons from the Forest